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We appreciate that floor coverings come in all shapes, sizes, types of materials and ages. We make a full assessment of the rug prior to cleaning and undertake a colour test if we think it is necessary. Older rugs can be delicate, and we have perfected our cleaning process and the cleaning products we use over are all child and pet friendly.


Rugs are thoroughly vacuumed prior to deep cleaning. Difficult stains are pre-sprayed using the appropriate solution to aid the removal process.

Deep cleaning rugs

Depending on the type of rug, we either use a water extraction method or a dry solution method for deep cleaning. Both processes are designed to break up dirt, bacteria and allergens in the rug fibres, prior to the complete extraction of dirt and residue.

Rug Cleaning Products

We use a wide range of nontoxic solutions for general cleaning and the removal of stains and odours. All our products can be safely used in environments with children and pets and we also use eco-friendly options wherever possible.

Rug Protection

We can apply a water-based protection coat to your floor coverings that protects them from future staining and re-soiling with an invisible coating that is almost 100% stain proof.

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What’s Included

Our service includes:

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  • Full assessment and pre-test
  • superb cleaning service carried out by an accredited expert
  • the best non-toxic products, safe for children and pets

All Our Services

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